ELECTRO HARMONIX Bass Mono Synth - Bass Guitar Effect Pedal


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ELECTRO HARMONIX Bass Mono Synth - Bass Guitar Effect Pedal -Guitar effect pedal Experiment with a massive range of synth tones with eleven types to choose from Dial in your ideal synth sound with ease thanks to an easy-to-use interface Save your favourite settings with room for presets for each of the eleven voices The ultimate pedal to apply varied, distinctive synth tones to your bass playing Sensational synth sound. The Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth pedal gives your bass eleven different synthesizer voices to use in your music. So you'll have a massive range of classic synth tones to play with. From vintage emulations to deep, beefy tones - and every imaginable synth sound in between - you'll have practically unending choice.

The Mono Synth is incredibly intuitive, too. This makes it easy to use - ideal for tweaking your sound onstage. And it's well at home at the start of your effects chain. It'll respond especially well when used in conjunction with reverb, delay, and modulation pedals, meaning you can craft a bass voice that's entirely unique.

Synth Voices Laser: Deep, pulsating synth X-Fade: Full, sting-like synth Acid: Fast decaying synth reminiscent of the TB-303 Cosmic: Bright and aggressive synth w/subtle pitch modulation Sub: Round sub-octave synth for adding low end Growl: Percussive, punchy synth Wub: Pulsating synth w/modulating filter Unison: Huge, full sound - similar to stacking voices on a polyphonic synth Twin: Throaty synth sound Spectre: Full synth w/added adjustable pitched note Oblivion: Big, lush, warm synth tone w/warbling modulation effect Controls and Jacks DRY VOL Knob SYNTH VOL Knob SENS Knob CTRL Knob INPUT Jack DRY OUTPUT Jack SYNTH OUTPUT Jack EXP Jack BYPASS Footswitch PRESET Footswitch Status LED Specifications Model Name: Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth Model Code: BASSMONOSYNTH Boxed Dimensions: 7.25" x 6.2" x 3.25" Unboxed Dimensions: 4.75" x 4" x 2.25" Country of Origin: USA Bypass: Buffered Input Impedance: 2.2 MegaOhms Output Impedance: 680 Ohms (For Both Output Jacks) Current Draw: 125 mA Power Supply: 9.6 DC-200BI Power Supply (Included) Grab yourself a bargain today.


Brand Electro-Harmonix
Condition New